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Consumer Settlement

When was the last time you weren’t worried
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What type of personal debt do you need help with?


Our Consumer Program is designed for individuals and families struggling to pay debts while saving money for daily expenses at the same time. Ignoring it seems to be working, but how long can that really last? Hiding from your problems is the worst mistake you can make. Every day that passes makes your financial problems harder to fix and puts you deeper in debt.

You want to do the right thing, but just don’t know where to begin? After nearly two decades focused on debt settlement, we have one simple goal – To help people like you with financial struggles create a plan for the future. The main focus at DNS is to get you to do something. Doing nothing about your struggles only leads to regret.

Credit Cards

We negotiate with all major credit card companies, department stores, and other issuers of unsecured credit.

Medical Bills

From emergency room hospital stays to doctor’s offices and labs, we can help settle all medical debts.

Private Student Loans

Private high-interest student loans qualify for settlement unlike many federal programs.

Apartment Leases

Landlords are often willing to settle defaulted leases rather than pursue legal actions.

Automobile Reposession

High interest balances on repossessed car loans are negotiable under many circumstances.

Everything you need to know about our process.

What can the Program do for me?

The program will get you out of debt for less than you owe and help to keep debt collectors and creditors from harassing you during the settlement process.

Who can enroll in the Program?

This program is designed for individuals, families of all ages, and businesses struggling or unable to make minimum payments to Creditors due to financial hardship, family emergencies, divorce, unexpected medical emergencies, and others who are seeking options other than bankruptcy or credit counseling.

What does the Debt Settlement program cost?

Our fee is never higher than the amount you are quoted when you enroll in the program and is based on how much we save you on each of your settlements. Business clients are charged a flat rate for any debts other than credit cards that represent a small percentage of the enrolled debt. There are no other charges or fees or other recurring costs as part of our basic program, except for modest fees charged by the bank for maintaining your account. Business clients are also charged a small one-time fee to gather their company’s documents and assess all signed corporate agreements to create a settlement strategy.

What happens after I sign up?

You begin to place money into your savings account immediately. Once sufficient funds have accumulated, our Settlement Department will begin the process of negotiating settlements with creditors with the focus on saving you as much money as possible. This process continues until all of your debts have been paid.

Should I continue speaking with my Creditors / Collectors?

You are free to speak with Creditors and Collectors, however the best course of action is to notify them that you are working with our company and provide our contact information. Many Creditors and Collectors use aggressive tactics in an effort to frighten you into dealing with them directly. Some will claim that they will not work with a settlement company, others will try to frighten you into not working with settlement companies because they “will rob you of your money” or “they are not reliable”. These are nothing more than scare tactics-because they know they will get more money out of you if you are convinced to deal with them directly.

Will the program prevent collectors from contacting me?

Although Creditors and Collectors are notified that you are enrolled in our Program, they may continue to call you. They often claim that they have never worked with us or heard of us but this is nothing more than another tactic to get you to deal directly with them. Provide them with our contact information and hang up the phone.

Will Collectors call me at home?

Sometimes. However, both State and Federal laws regulate how much they can contact you. An explanation of these regulations is included in the documents you will receive after enrolling in the Program.

Will Collectors call me at work?

Some do, but you can put a stop to this immediately. State and Federal laws prohibit Collectors (and in some cases the original Creditor who issued your card) from contacting you in your place of employment. Simply inform them that you are not allowed to receive personal calls at your office and that any future calls from them will be breaking the law. This should eliminate future calls to your office.

What communications should I expect from Collectors / Creditors?

You will probably continue to receive billing statements and demand letters from some Collectors and Creditors. You should immediately mail or fax these to our office in order to maintain your records.

Will the Program stop interest and late fees?

In most cases, you will continue to receive interest charges and late fees until a debt is settled.

Will the Program stop legal action against me?

We are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice or prevent you from being sued. However, we are able to work with you in making an informed decision as to what response (if any) is appropriate to a legal challenge from one of your Creditors or Collectors. If you are sued, our goal remains the same, namely to settle with that Creditor or Collector in a timely fashion.

Where is my settlement money being held?

Your funds are held in an FDIC insured bank account. All payments are deposited into your individual account until enough funds have been reached for us to make a settlement offer. No money is deducted from this account without your authorization.

Can I increase or decrease my contribution amounts?

Yes. You are encouraged to put any additional money you can into this account It will speed-up the settlement process. You are allowed to decrease your contribution at any time, but keep in mind that this will increase the time it takes to get your accounts settled and can add months or even years to the process. It is always a good idea to speak with us before decreasing any payments.

What type of debts can be included in the program?

This program handles unsecured debt, meaning the debt is not secured with collateral. Acceptable debts are credit cards, medical bills, legal bills, judgments, unsecured personal loans of any type, vendor or supplier debts, defaulted property leases, retail debt and collections. Examples of unacceptable debt are home mortgages, automobile loans, motorcycle loans, boat loans, IRS tax liens, government-backed student loans, child support, and alimony.

What happens to my credit rating?

Your credit rating is determined primarily by two factors, the amount of credit you have and your payment history. The very fact that you are looking at The DNS Debt Settlement Program indicates that you have more consumer debt than you can currently pay and are starting (or will shortly begin) to show late payments on your credit report. If your credit has not already started a downhill slide it surely will do so soon. As with any Debt Settlement program, the program will have a negative impact on your credit.  Defaulting on payments is what enables us to begin negotiations to provide you with favorable settlements. The Program will accomplish two very important goals towards restoring your credit rating: (1) When you finish the Program your consumer debt will be less than when you began the Program which is a positive factor in calculating your credit score and (2) The present consumer debt on your credit report that is included in the Program will show a zero balance which will help to offset the fact that you have had late payments in the past.

Is there a cancellation policy?

You may terminate your Debt Settlement Program at any time before a settlement is negotiated and you can withdraw any or all of the funds from your settlement account without penalty.