Credit Collection

Be Concerned About Your Credit

Recently I received a call from one of our clients who had just joined the Program. The call was referred to me by the Client Services Department because the Client wanted to speak with the "Boss" about some credit issues. The gist of our conversation...

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Watch Out For Credit Card Scams

Ads like this may appeal to you if you have a poor credit history or no credit at all. Beware: while secured credit cards can be an effective way to build or re-establish your credit history, some marketers of secured cards make deceptive advertising...

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A Short Explanation Of Credit Scores

Credit scores are calculated using a mathematical formula to assess an individual's credit worthiness based on their credit history and current credit accounts. In the early 1980s the three major credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and Trans Union all...

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Financial Tips

How $1.00 A Day Becomes $66,941

The coins rattling around in your pocket can add up to big savings over time. Want a foolproof way to turn $1 a day into $66,941? It doesn't take a lot of money or time or personal sacrifice. There's no magic, no multilevel marketing and no salesman...

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Ways That We Carelessly Waste Money

Do you ever feel like there’s a leak in your bank account? It’s like the sound of water dripping, a tiny crack through which a slow stream of money is draining away. You know it’s there (because the cash isn’t), but you can’t find the source...

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Sound Advice From One Of Our Clients

“Patience is a virtue and one I thought I had. That was until I got into your debt settlement program. The first few months were pretty uneventful. A few creditors called and left messages. Then it got to the point where all of the messages on my answering...

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A Charity Scheme That You Should Stay Away From

I am not a paranoid person, but I am getting the feeling that every con, phony scheme and bogus business opportunity is being beamed directly at me. I can’t turn on my car radio, television set or pick up a newspaper without hearing or reading about...

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How Your Identity Can Be Stolen

Identity Theft has become a hot subject. There are numerous articles written about what can happen to you if your identity is “stolen”, i.e. opening up charge accounts in your name, draining money out of your bank account, diverting your mail, etc...

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You Need A Living Will And A Health Care Proxy

Would you want to be kept alive if a car accident or some other tragedy propelled you into a "persistent vegetative state" -- that is, your brain waves stopped but you could be kept alive on a respirator? When asked, about 95% of adults say no. No matter...

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