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Sound Advice From One Of Our Clients
The following is a reprint of a letter that we recently received from a client enrolled in the DNS Debt Settlement Program.

We have been settling debt for years and we know what it takes to successfully complete the Program.
“Patience is a virtue and one I thought I had. That was until I got into your debt settlement program. The first few months were pretty uneventful. A few creditors called and left messages. Then it got to the point where all of the messages on my answering machine were creditors insisting that they really needed to talk to me as soon as possible. I started feeling pressured, even though I knew this was a 30 month program.

I felt out of control and out of the loop as far as having any say about the process. It was hard to sit back and let someone else handle my finances. And, being raised in this culture, I was used to getting instant results. I called Client Services many times and was advised that the process takes time and to let the debt settlement people handle things.

I knew I was feeling out of control and needed to look inside myself to see what was going on. Once I did, I realized that it took me 10 years to get into serious debt. It was slow and just sort of crept up on me. I kept thinking I could handle it. But I couldn’t. I had to admit that I wasn’t very good at handling my own finances. So what made me nervous about someone else handling my finances? I suppose it was that I wasn’t doing it. I had to admit that I put myself in this situation and that I could not get myself out of it. I had to trust someone else to do it. And so, I surrendered to the process. It did help that one of my accounts was settled. I now know that it takes time, patience and trust in the process. A few prayers never hurt either.”

This letter says it as well, if not better than we have. Once you join The DNS Debt Settlement Program you have to trust the process. We have been settling debt for years and we know what it takes to successfully complete the Program. This letter has given me a whole new perspective on what the Client is thinking. Giving up some control over one’s financial life is not easy and requires that you trust in the Program. The reward for doing so is to bring order back into your chaotic financial life and allow you to concentrate on important things like your family, your personal life and other things that really matter.

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