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Coping with Holiday Stress - Tips from the APA

Financial struggles are one of many issues that weigh on the mind during the holiday season. Dr. Olga Tuller, Chief Psychologist and Director of Psychology Training for Saint John's Health Center, CFDC, forwarded us a link to an excellent article from the American Psychological Association about coping with holiday stress.

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How Debit-Card Fees Ruin Banking Relationships

Bank of America, the nation's largest by assets, recently announced it will charge most customers who use their debit cards for purchases a flat $5 monthly fee starting next year. It also is testing a new array of checking accounts with higher fees. SunTrust Banks has added a $5 monthly debit-card fee for purchases to some accounts and is raising some checking-account fees. Citigroup is raising fees and adding a $1,500 minimum balance on basic checking accounts, though there are ways around it. Wells Fargo will soon be testing debit-card fees.

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Shaky Job? 7 Ways to Manage Your Credit

Credit cards are never more dangerous than when you're unemployed. Of course, if you're underemployed, they're rather dicey as well.

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Spotting Financial Scammers: A Guide to Common Cons

Even as millions of Americans struggle every day to make ends meet, scammers are plotting all sorts of sneaky ways to rob them of their money. In the last five years, 6.1 million consumer complaints have been tracked by the Consumer Sentinel Network, a clearinghouse for complaints filed with various agencies. In 2010 alone, Americans reported losing more than $1.7 billion due to consumer fraud.

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10 Biggest Money Wasters

CNN Money published an excellent list of the 10 biggest money wasters. There are no big surprises here, but you can see just how easily the numbers add-up.

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7 Best Cards for Bad Credit

CNN Money published a good article discussing 7 credit card options for people with credit challenges. This is very sound advice, as there are many financial institutions happy to drag you over the coals with absurd interest rates and high annual fees for past mistakes.

The companies discussed are Orchard Bank, Capital One (2 options), Navy Federal, Citi, Mango Prepaid, and Open Sky.

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Ridiculous Airline Fees

Ranging from forcing travelers to pay for carry-on bags or coercing them to pay $39 extra for a seat in coach, domestic airlines went above and beyond where consumers thought they would go to hike up fees...

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